We are the

We believe that the real progress driving the information economy forward is our ability to harness the power of information itself, not data.

Our approach harnesses data entropy to find information clarity. We’ve built products to unlock the real value of data, and allow everyone to produce useful information faster. We focus on constant innovation, research, and technological development to truly understand how knowledge can be unlocked.

It’s time for the information economy’s industrial revolution.

Meet our founders

Launched in 2018, Intropic is led by Ravinder Bhadhal and Sam Shannon. With backgrounds in data analysis for investment funds and computer science, their firsthand experience and expertise uniquely positioned them to solve some of the biggest data challenges of our time.

Ravinder Bhadhal


With a 1st class degree in Computer Science and 10 years experience leading teams as Global Head of Data and Commercial Management at Man Group, Ravinder has an established network of senior leaders in the hedge fund industry and amongst suppliers.

Sam Shannon


Having developed trading systems based on cutting-edge reactive graph framework and building Quantitative Events trading systems, Sam has extensive experience working with complex data. He has an MSc in Computational Science and was awarded Dean’s List for Particle Physics from University College London.

The things we live by

Thinking with

We are in constant pursuit of knowledge. Our team is a collective of inquisitive thinkers seeking hidden answers and new ways to solve problems.

Making theory
a reality

It takes vigorous testing to make something truly intuitive. Our team is always hands-on, building things and taking them apart to make sure we find the best possible way for them to work.

Putting people first

We're not just in the business of information. We're here to help businesses make better decisions that impact the people around them and the world. We don't get lost in the numbers, because we know they always relate back to human nature.

Join us in defining the future of information

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